SEO & SEM Support

Effective SEO helps increase traffic by improving overall visibility in search engines, from non-paid search listings. A strong SEO strategy requires on-site optimization, planning and execution of an effective content strategy, as well as development of authority within a given niche, in a matter that is compliant with the latest best practices and guidelines.

Tech Knack IT Solutions is unique as an SEO company in the capacity of being able to audit, craft strategy, execute SEO campaigns, and provide transparent reporting, all in house and tailored for your business objectives. A wide breadth of SEO services are offered for both marketers seeking a partner to launch or support the whole non-paid search channel and search marketing specialists seeking additional support for specific portions of an established SEO initiative.

Search Engine Marketing allows businesses and organizations to promote products, services, or campaigns across the web. SEM services involves the support and promotion of websites (SEO), social media marketing, and pages including business online profiles by mounting the businesses web presence, visibility, and reputation online. Search Engine Marketing is a part of business marketing efforts that is aimed at increasing traffic (the number of visitors) to your website from the search engines. SEM should also address conversion ("Turning Clickers to Buyers"). This can be achieved by increasing search engine visibility, i.e. the position of your site in search engine results for certain keywords that people type in the search box to obtain these results. SEM allows business pages (website and social pages like Facebook) to be present on search engine results pages (SERPs) and social media discussion channels through SEO, PPC management and other search marketing strategies.