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Nowadays, as technology is so advance. And for everyone is hard to keep updated themselves as everyone is busy with their business or work and off-course which is not same. So our services are here not just to help you but also to build a long-term relationship with our customers. As we understand our customer expectations and respect their time and value. Keeping this thing in mind, our experts are available 24X7. Based on our expert’s skills, we can assure you to resolve your query in one go. Our Professionals can help you regarding printer support and scanner support.
Printer Support like – Not able to connect your printer with your system, picture quality of printer is not good etc.
Scanner support: - Not able to scan, your scanner is not recognized by your system etc.
In short, for any printer and scanner related problems you can connect with us.
Our Services are not only affordable but also reliable.

How we find solution for you

Printer Connection issues

  • Not able to connect printer to your system: - Sometimes it happen that printer not installed properly or printer not showing in the list.
  • Not able to connect your system to wireless printer: - To connect system with wireless printer it is essential that network and computer are compatible with each other. There is certain network configuration required between computer and network.

Printing issues

  • Print quality is not good: - Print quality is not good due to Blur images, vertical streaks and smeared printout.
  • Printer not able to print: - Everything is fine but printer not able to print or Printer not able to accept print command leads to frustrating sometimes.
  • Not able to set printing resolution of the paper as per your requirement: - Not able to set paper printing resolution is very common problem which we called pixilation problem.
  • Not able to take colour print: - When you want take colour printout but your printer setting is on by default settings like black and white printing settings.
  • Content alignment issues: - “Alignment failed message” or printer fail to line up properly is content alignment issues.
  • Not able to print webpage or email: - when you have issue to take printout of webpage or email due to various reason you are not able to printout from Google chrome, Firefox and in proper format.
  • Problem in adjusting of print preview: - Sometimes when your content is large and wants to zoom 80% rather than 100% or want to show your all content in one page etc kind of problems.
  • Printer printing in a very slow speed: - when printing speed of your printer is very from the general speed of printing is depend on printing quality you want to print.

Paper Jam issues

  • Paper Jam is very common issue while working with printer. Whether your paper got stuck in tray 1 or tray 2. And you tried all possible ways to resolve the issue but the problem still remain same.

Printer Driver or software issues

  • Printer driver installation problem: - Installing new printer drivers or want to update printer drivers are the printer driver installation problems.
  • Need to update printer drivers: - It is necessary to install updated version of drivers as per model of the printer.
  • Computer not recognising your printer after or before installation: - Your system not able to recognize printer which may be due to loose cable connection.

Scanner Problems

  • Scanner not able to scan: - When scanner not able to scan properly due to scanner driver not installed properly.
  • Your scanner is not recognized by your system: - Scanner is not recognizing by your system due loose cable connection.
  • Scan command is not working: - Scanner not properly installed or cable connection is loose leads to scan commands not working.
  • Your computer or Laptop got freeze while your scanner is working: - When hard drive has not enough space, hard drive is corrupted, computer infected by virus or malware etc. are some common problems due to which system got freeze while your scanner is working.

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