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Windows Support

For all the windows operating system wether it is on the pc, laptop, or anyother windows operating device. Techknack provide technical support for windows and related devices.

How we find solution for you

Windows working slow :

If your windows is working slow, not to worry techknack will help you to remove any unwanted malware or malicious software from your device. Our technical support for windows is handeled by microsoft certified technicians. We will fix every error and warning which is causing your operating system to slow down.

Update you windows :

You are looking for yor windows update and not able to find the solutions our highly trained mirosoft certified technicians will help you and guid you through the procedure to update you windows. Techknack has team of technicians who are excellent at what they do.

Windows driver update :

Windows is having problem to update your drivers. We will help you to update your windows drivers. Our windows certified technicians will help you and guid you through it. Techknack will make everything easy for you.

Clean up your windows :

Windows is having unwanted files and that is effecting the performance of your drive. We have the best windows support technicians who can make the magic happen. Technicians at techknack will not only resolve your problem but will also find the root cause of the problem so you will not face it in the future.

Software update :

If you have have any expired software or software not working. We will make sure to fix your issue and provide you with best windows support. So that you will not face same problem in the future.

Macintosh Support :

MAC or macintosh is an expensive and a complicated machine. It is defined with it's unique quality to undermine anyother device and operating system. Resolving the issue that is being persistance with the mac is not an easy task. Here at techknack we have the best, qualified and dedicated team for mac technical support. Our technicians are mac certified and will make sure you will get the best support for mac.

How we find solution for you :

Mac working slow :

You mac is working slow and you are not able to figuer out the problem, not to worry we provide one of the best support for mac. Our highly trained mac technicians will solve the issue for you. We can provide technical support for mac better than any other service provider. Techknack make sure that once the problem is resolved it will not occure again.

Install application :

Having trouble with installing any of the application on your device. Not to worry we will troubleshoot your mac. and will find a permanent solution for you. You can get the best technical support for mac. at techknack.

Mac Driver update :

If you are not able to update your mac drivers, we can guide you how to updated mac drivers. As our technical support for mac. team is one of the best and knows how to make the things happen and speed up the process. It saves your time and money.

Reseting your apple id :

Forgot your apple id.....?? No problem at all. Techknack will help you and guid you to reset you apple id. We will guid you how to restore your apple id. As we have the best mac technical support, it will help you with every step.

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