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Talking about antivirus and why are they important is a question. Moreover deciding which one to go for is confusing. There are many 3rd party antivirus in the market with different and sometimes new features. If we go down to the basics there are few important things we must understand before we initiate for one.

Top 5 effective antivirus which one should go for are :

  1. Norton Antivirus
  2. Macfee Antivirus
  3. Avast Antivirus
  4. kaspersky Antivirus
  5. Trend Micro Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

When it comes to norton antivirus. It is the best of all in its completions. It provides you complete security against any software attack. Best thing about them is Norton support that is delivered to the customers. They are available to help you at every point even at odd timings. It protect your email and keep all the scams out of your inbox.

Advantages Being With Norton :
They provide you solution for cyber security. VPN and privacy-shielding against any 3rd party or fake ip address. Safe guarding and management of password. It helps to optimize your device and increase its speed. . It also defends you against ransom-ware, viruses, spyware & many other threats. It also automatically provides browsing safety by blocking dangerous websites that can hack your personal data. Norton support is better than any other antivirus support in the market.

Norton Antivirus Support
Norton support helps you with every step. From Norton installation to Norton activation and Norton troubleshoot. Being a product of Symantec, make it more safe and secure. As it is the best in providing home security and any threats from the web. Being associated with it you become their premium member and Norton support provided to you will be on high priority.

How Norton Support Works : They will find a solution for your problem
They troubleshoot it
They make sure that the problem never persist again
Being associated with them provides you with premium Norton support

Norton support helps you troubleshoot your every issue like : If you are having trouble installing Norton antivirus to another computer and you have already purchased licence key for more than one device. Free service is being provided to you. Norton support team will guide you with every step without any cost.
If you are facing issues with login, and facing errors incorrect password login time out error, technicians at Norton support will guide you through every step and make sure that you will never face the same issue again.
You Norton is not opening and giving you error. It usually happens when you update any software and your device is not compatible with the new update. You can connect with the technicians at the Norton support centre and they will help you and guide you without any cost. It does not matter how much time it takes to resolve the issue.
Not able to connect to Norton server is an error you can usually get. It happens if you have any previous malware or spyware before installing the software. It does not get activated, that is when you can connect with the Norton support centre and they will fix your issue.
These are the major issue customers usually faces with the antivirus. It happens because of some unwanted update or any malware which was already there before installing the antivirus. But not to worry at any point, once you have purchased the product you do not have to use your hard earned money anymore, because technicians at Norton support is best at their work and they work for free of cost and resolve any Norton related problem.

If you want to try the trial version before going for full version use the link below to download trial version:

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Mcafee antivirus

They have been in the market for long time and the best solution they provide is for cyber security. Threats against any 3rd party intrusion. Providing best solutions for cyber threat. It has advances in any kind of foreign threat and safeguard your devices. Easy installation and activation.


One of the most advanced antivirus. The unique thing which differentiate it from others is it’s privacy-shielding VPN, it protects you from fake ip attacks. It helps in safe guarded and simple management of password . It works as powerful PC optimizer and make speed up your device.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is an Anti-Virus which gives you a smarter way to protect everything in your pc. It defends you against ransom-ware, viruses, spyware & many other threats. It does all of that without effecting your device speed. It simplify your security with simple online control.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro comes with some additional features. Protecting your email and keeping all the scams out of your inbox and create a safe zone. It also avoid threats from web by defending against ransom-ware and other online threats. It automatically provides browsing safety by blocking dangerous websites that can hack your personal data. It stops number of viruses and prevent any kind of malicious software attacks.

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