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Electronic mail ( e email ) mode of communication associated with documents and files used to accelerate the process of media communication. We recieve important documents or bank statements etc. we need to be secure and protected from any 3rd party intrusion. To be dependent upon any other email provider and sharing your data in the process does not sound so safe.

Email set up:

Set up email on secure server with dedicated ip :

Techknack helps you to connect your email id on the secure server. It does not matter if it is an existing email id or you want any new email id to set up. We will dedicate a secure ip to user and connect it to you email id. This will help you to secure your data and protect it against any 3rd party to reading up your email or any related documents.

Restoring and integrating your lost email on the new server

If you have some how lost your password to your email id or someone has changed it. Do not worry we will restore your email password and connect it to our secure server and make sure you will face anykind of issue in the future.

Email support :

Reset your email passwords

Techknack will help you help you restore you lost email passwords. We will secure your network and resotre your password. We will synchronise your email along with your phone while connecting to a dedicated ip given to you. This will allow you to rest your mail password easily in the future, incase you loose it. We proide 24x7 email support.

Restore your mail account :

If you are facing problem with your email id and you forgot you id and passwords. Techknacks will try there best to restore your data and lost email id. When connected to our server will try our level best to restore your lost file and documents. We proide 24x7 email support.

Set up your email on secure server

When you email is synchronise with techknacks secure server, all your important email and data will be secure from any 3rd party intusion and will be encrypted. It will not allow anyone to read your personal emails except you. We proide 24x7 email support.

Integration of your email

If you are facing problem with your existing email and want to switch to our highly secure server and use our email secure services. We are there for your email support. If you will connect with us you not face any kind of data theft or security issue in future. As our servers are NSA level secure. We proide 24x7 email support.


Dedicated server space

For business users, wether it is small or big we have highly secure server options. Techknack understand the importance of your work. We make sure your email has 5 level of encrytion with 800 diffrent combination of encrytion. If anyone tries to acess your email it will flag on our server and we will block him immidiately. Plus point is we provide minimum of 200gb server space for starters. We provide 24x7 email support.

Unlimeted space with data protection plan

For big business plans techknack provide a special data protection plan. Setting up your business email can never be easy. With unlimited server space. We proide 24x7 email support.

Super fast upload time

Techknack have all servers with ssd. So the upload and download time is superfast if compare to anyother. Our cloud services are the best at the field.

27x7 priority support

If you are facing any problem with your email. We will provide you with email support. We proide 24x7 email support to our customers. Cuz after service is our priority. Our technical department is there for you for any kind of email technical support.

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