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Anti Virus

Anti Virus

It is confusing to decide which anti-virus to purchse. Looking at the specifiation can be hard to understand if you are not technically sound. Having monthly subscription and liability to pay every month for the services can always be dependent and wasting of bills. If we can get something for lifetime without any reacurring of billing statement on your card. It will save yout time and money.

Why we are better than any other....

No reccuring payment for security. One time will be for lifetime.

You go and buy new antivirus every time and wasting your hard earned money every month on daily subscription. That at the end of every year sums up to a huge amount. Techknack do not believe in that. We provide you a permanent solution that will save your time and money thus providing you with level 10 security.

Our servers are secure from any other.

Tecknack has NSA level secure servers. When you connect with us we make sure every bit of your data is secure and protected. This one of the reason we provide the best antivirus support. Tecknack make sure that you get every type of technical support regarding the antivirus. From antivirus installation to antivirus activation and antivirus support. We make sure your device is safe and secure.

24x7 on call availability for customer support

The best thing about connecting with us is that we are there fot the customer whenever they need antivirus support. It can be related to antivirus installation to another device. Antivirus activation if they have to activate it on other device. No matter what the problem is we are there for you. Even at the odd timings and the best thing about is, it will not cost you anything extra.

100% customer satisfaction

Customer satisfation is techknack priority. Our goal is to deliver 100% to every customer. If you face any problem regarding antivirus installation or antivirus activation. If you want to install antivirus on other device or any other problem regarding antivirus we will make sure you will not face any problem. Techknack is better than anyother because we also believe in after sales customer support.


Network security :

We make sure that any of your device which is connected to your intertent network via wifi or lan, techknack make sure that it will be safe and secure. We just do not make your pc secure, we also provide you with the best network security to make every device in your home or office secure to outside threat.

Antivirus Intsallation :

Techknack has the NSA level secure servers which is conneted to our in house build security. Which we provide through an user friendly interface we call as antivirus. Antivirus installation in your device will make sure that you will be connected with us to our secure servers. Outside or 3rd party will not be able to connect to your network.

Antivirus Activation :

Tecknacks make sure while the process of antivirus activation you will be connected to our network security. We do everything manually rather depending upon any automated or 3rd party website. Techknack make sure that user network will not be compromised at any step. Antivirus activation is done under the supervision of our certifide technicians.

Antivirus Support :

After the antivirus installation and antivirus activation while connected to our secure servers, anyhow you need anytype fo antivirus support regarding understanding the process or you need antivirus support to install it to anyother device. Techknack is there available for your antivirus support 24x7.

Renew Your Security :

If you want to antivirus renual or transeffer the network security on to anyother device our team is there for the antivirus support 24x7. From installtion to activation we will provide you everything without any hassle.

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